Braincalm Institute™

Welcome to The Braincalm Institute! This is a place of learning about ‘all things Braincalm’ to
– preschool & primary (elementary) school staff
– parents
– organisations (such as child minders organisations, autism groups & more)

Braincalm – a story of necessity

The Braincalm Institute was founded by myself, Brenda Cassidy, former Occupational Therapist in 2021. It all began with the development of the original ‘Braincalm Programme’ in 2015 which was known back in those days as ‘Regulation Stations’.
Dyspraxia & sensory processing difficulties run in my family. I created the Braincalm Exercise programme to help my oldest child who was struggling at a young age with anxiety. I feared that we would end up going down the route of medication. However, when I learned exactly what was causing her anxiety & meltdowns (exhaustion from weak core muscles & sensory overload) I took a career break from my job in the health service to focus on helping her. So ‘Braincalm’ was born. I never did return to my job!

The ‘Braincalm Intensive’ 15 minute a day programme is a simple set of physical exercise that work on calming & organising the brain. I knew that my daughter would benefit from a daily repetitive ‘at home’ OT programme. It worked. The Braincalm exercises combined with a weekly contemporary dance class turned my daughter around. She became stronger in her body, less anxious and she began to write better! Overall she became a happier child & her confidence grew every week. People started to come to me to ask for help. The next thing I knew I was on TV & radio talking about these children with what I call ‘something going on’ & how I believed parents & school staff could be empowered to help calm & regulate children with sensory issues – if they received simple & down to earth training.

Braincalm in a challenging school environment

In 2016 I was asked to come to a pretty challenging inner city primary school. Around 50% of the pupils were moderately dysregulated – some were severely dysregulated. The staff needed something that was practical & that would get results quickly. So I tried my ‘Braincalm Programme’. Over the following year classroom assistants & support teachers learned how to take a group of 3 children through the programme, 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week.
It worked. We got results. It took patience & lots of trial error & tweaking but we got there.
Pupils were going into the ‘Braincalm room ‘like Tigger’ (from Winnie The Poo)… and came out as quiet as lambs.

Braincalm ‘news’ spreads!

News about a simple, practical short daily programme that could be learned by school staff in a day, needed little equipment & the space of an average room spread quickly! Principals told principals, teachers told other teachers…and on it went. To date we have trained over 5000 school staff & parents. People loved the training & asked for more. So I developed further training to help class teachers, learning support teachers & classroom assistants & special education staff use ‘Braincalm thinking’ & ‘Braincalm Methodology’ in their role in school.

The Braincalm Institute: Associates & ‘Braincalm Ambassadors’

Over the years I have been blessed to have trained many amazing people. Some of those people have done wonders with Braincalm and have now joined me as an associate of the Braincalm Institute so that together we can continue to develop training & programmes.
To date Braincalm has been used mostly in primary schools. But in 2022 we will pilot & develop ‘Braincalm Programme For Preschool Children’ & ‘Braincalm Training For Preschool Staff’.

Meet The Braincalm™ Team