The Team

The Braicalm™ Team is made up of dedicated professionals and support staff working hard to make Braincalm™ the most effective way to help your child or pupils with Something Going On™.

Head Office

Brenda Cassidy, Owner

Hi! I am Brenda Cassidy, developer of the Braincalm Program™. I am an occupational therapist (OT), author of the book FUNPRAXIA and mum to three kids. I have been an occupational therapist for 30 years and have worked in London, New York and most recently in Ireland, my home country.In the past I have developed e-learning modules for the NHS and written articles for the Journal of Rehabilitation.

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Caroline O’Reilly, Admin Guru and Mum of One

When you call the Braincalm Institute, Caroline is the face and voice on the other side. Whether you are a parent in distress or a teacher at the end of your tether Caroline’s personal life experience, years of Braincalm experience and natural compassion will help you breathe a sigh of relief .

” I will help you choose the right option to put you in the driving seat if you need a virtual hug we can send that to you as well “

Associates & Advisors

Bernadette Beddows, Former Primary School Principal

Former Primary School Principal including setting up a new Special Education Classroom (Ireland)

Braincalm Intensive Practitioner & Consultant since 2016

Former Childcare Director & Early Years Educator (Atlanta, Georgia)

Passion: Empowering school staff & parents with knowledge & skill to help nurture learning in all children & especially in those with Autism.

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Jennifer Currie, Braincalm Practitioner since 2016

Braincalm Practitioner since 2016
Consultant Age 12-18 years Special Education to the Braincalm Team
Post Primary (High School) Teacher
Special Education Teacher (Special Education Autism Classroom & integrating pupils with additional learning needs into mainstream classes)
Passion: Playing piano & watching the changes in my pupils between September & June

Kayrena Bolger, Braincalm Intensive Practitioner since 2016

Mother of 2 & Dog Mum of 2!
Braincalm Intensive Practitioner since 2016
Primary school teacher for 30 years
Resource Teacher / Special Education Role for last 10 years
Passion: Nurturing the best learning in children with a variety of issues & watching them thrive.

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Margaret McDonald, Childminder

Attendee of the ‘Braincalm For Childminders’ Course 2021
Passion: Helping the children that I am blessed to look after thrive!

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Melissa Hogan, Primary School Class & Resource Teacher

Primary School Class & Resource Teacher
Founder of the multi award winning ‘Early Focus Project’, Dublin 2.
Braincalm Intensive Programme Attendee 2016
Consultant to the Braincalm Team
Experience: 30 years in Education
Passion: Wellbeing of children in difficult socio-demographic areas; the impact of trauma & lack of attachment on the development of children

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Niamh Fogarty, Director Of Montessori Pre Schools

Director Of Montessori Pre Schools for 20 years in East Cork, Ireland.
Early Years Advisor To The Braincalm Team since 2016.
New ‘Special Education/Autism Special Early Years Class’ September 2021

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Colette Heaney, Consultant to the Braincalm Team in ‘’All things autism!’’

Consultant to the Braincalm Team in “All things autism!”
Mum of a child with autism & Primary School Teacher
Passion: ‘Developing a successful & ongoing autism camp for children & parents in the west of Ireland’

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