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Is Braincalm™ effective?

The Braincalm™ Intensive Program has been piloted through 2016 and 2017 by Brenda Cassidy, OT in numerous primary schools. It has shown to be ‘somewhat effective’, ‘very effective’ or ‘dramatically effective’ in calming & settling dysregulated or ‘out of synch’ children.

The Braincalm™ Team has trained thousands of preschool staff, school staff and parents to use the program to help many children in various settings.

It has shown to be effective in children who suffer from anxiety, behaviour regulation difficulties, sensory processing difficulties (these can appear in children with dyspraxia, dyslexia, autism & many other conditions).

It has shown to improve attention, focus, behaviour, writing, sitting, organizational skills, social skills and even self esteem in these children and in SOME cases the children sleep better and report ‘feeling happier and smarter’.

We have reports of many children who show a dramatic reduction in:

  • fidgeting
  • excessive moving in class
  • squirming
  • biting/mouthing
  • shouting out / speaking out of turn in class
  • Hypersensitive behaviours
  • Over & underarousal

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