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What is Braincalm™?

Braincalm™ is a NEW WAY of regulating behaviours in children with SGO (something going on) but without using medication.

It becomes a way of life for school staff & parents who complete the various Braincalm™ courses. When a whole school becomes a fully trained Braincalm School, they all speak Braincalm language.

School staff learn

  • why the child shows dysregulated behaviours (often caused by ‘traffic jams’ between their brain & body)
  • Multiple simple ways to help the child become calm, focused, happier & so learn better

Parents learn

  • Why the child shows dysregulated behaviours
  • How to identify behaviours
  • Simple ways to help the child & to react to the child outside of school.

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Braincalm™ Intensive Live

We’re running our Braincalm Intensive Live programme on Saturday, the 15th January 2022 Sign up today – this event *will* sell out.

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