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What is the Braincalm™ Institute?

The Braincalm™ Institute is a place of learning about ‘all things Braincalm™.
When a child struggles with behaviour, emotions & mood regulation they need help through all 24 hours of every day.

“What happens at home affects school & what happens at home affects school.”
Brenda Cassidy, OT & Creator Of Braincalm™

We offer

A) Braincalm™ Intensive Program Training for classroom assistants & resource teachers so they can quickly begin to see behaviour regulation, boosted attention & self esteem in children with SGO giving the child relief from their ‘brain fizz’.

B) Training for parents, school staff & others to help understand

  • WHY these children behave as they do and
  • HOW to settle children in school, home & other settings (eg. Childminders) using Braincalm™ thinking & methods.
Meet The Team

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Braincalm™ Intensive Live

We’re running our Braincalm Intensive Live programme on Saturday, the 15th January 2022 Sign up today – this event *will* sell out.

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