Braincalm™ Physical

The Braincalm™ Physical 

Our original 15 minute a day, 5 day a week Braincalm™ Physical Intensive Programme is mostly carried out in schools. Special Education Teachers, Special Needs Assistants or Classroom Assistants bring pupils out of class in groups of 3 or less for Brenda’s original ‘one size fits all’ brain rewiring programme.

From the time of the very first lockdown, we were asked “is there a Braincalm™ Physical Programme for parents to use at home?”. We subsequently trained 100’s of parents on delivering Braincalm™ Physical Intensive.

Despite it’s success (and necessity during lockdowns and school holidays) we found that children benefited much better from Braincalm™ Physical Intensive – in school. The compliance rate is higher, the outcomes are excellent.

With the introduction of our new Braincalm™ Sounds brain settling programme (mostly used at home) we have found that we are seeing even stronger results by adding  Braincalm™ Physical in school programme.

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Are ‘in school’ &  Braincalm™ Physical & Braincalm™ Sounds (at home) therapies a replacement for occupational therapy or speech assessments & treatments?
No, we recommend that if your child is on a waiting list for assessment that they should be fully & formally assessed using standardized assessments
• However children do become more regulated and have less behaviour difficulties using our programmes and they become settled at home & in school so learn better & gain self esteem. We provide an excellent ‘bridging of the gap’ while awaiting therapy standardised assessments.

Waiting Lists
** Children CAN sit on therapy waiting lists for years. For such cases we are a robust ‘stop gap’ & start working on the child’s brain from day 1.
Many parents, guardians & school staff use our ‘Brain changing’ Physical & Sounds programmes to
• give the child relief
• help him/her finally feel ‘in synch’ & regulated
• take our training courses to better understand the ‘out of synch’ behaviours & learn simple techniques to make accommodations for the child

…then, when the child DOES make it to an OT or Speech Therapy clinic they will be better regulated, the parents guardians will have a good understanding of the child & sensory behaviours & the therapist can get to the ‘nitty gritting’ of remaining issues. For example an OT may get straight to work on detailed visual perceptual therapy & a speech therapist may be able to get to work right away on a child’s pronunciation.
AND everyone in the family (especially the child) are happier, less stressed and less anxious.

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A recent survey of Braincalm™ Physical practitioners endorses the above: