Bernadette Beddows

  • Former Primary School Principal including setting up a new Special Education Classroom (Ireland)
  • Braincalm Intensive Practitioner & Consultant since 2016
  • Former Childcare Director & Early Years Educator (Atlanta, Georgia)
  • Passion: Empowering school staff & parents with knowledge & skill to help nurture learning in all children & especially in those with Autism.

What is organic education? What role does peace and routine play in teaching and learning?

In my time as Primary Teacher, Principal, Early Years Educator and Childcare Director I have nurtured an appreciation of common sense, simplicity and the power of storytelling to foster positivity for a school community. Real innovation relies on an open mind and an open heart.
The most important thing for me is that a child leaves primary school as a happy child. Everything else will eventually come’’.

I trained with Brenda many years ago. Her Braincalm ethos & methods were so valuable to me. Learning the Braincalm Intensive Programme & sometimes only using ‘pieces’ of it- gave me confidence & a starting point to helping the most challenging child. Brenda’s ‘down to earth’ language & explanations have been a game changer for myself & the staff in my school. My entire staff have been trained by Brenda over the years.