Brenda Cassidy

Hi! I am Brenda Cassidy, developer of the Braincalm Program™ and many other successful programs for parents & school staff to help children with various issues.

My Professional Credentials

I am an occupational therapist (OT), author of a book about Dyspraxia (available as an e-book on Amazon) and mum to three kids. I have been an occupational therapist for 33 years and have worked in London, New York and most recently in Ireland, my home country. In the past I have developed e-learning modules for the NHS and written articles for the American Journal of Rehabilitation.

I have an intense passion for preventative health and completed a Diploma in Health, Fitness & Nutrition. I am a passionate advocate for children’s health and have worked with preschool and school staff plus parents of children in primary/elementary schools.

Mum of Three

I am also a mum to three children. My eldest child has dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder. My son also has sensory challenges and my third child has dyslexia. Our family’s experience with this has given me great understanding of the challenges the conditions present and the management strategies that can work. I know how difficult the morning routine can be, the heart-breaking meltdowns at gatherings or the frustration of coping with hypersensitivity & anxiety. This is the best training & experience I could have and gives me in-depth knowledge to write the many programs I have developed over the years.

I now spend my working life teaching school staff and parents my Braincalm Program™ and other programs. I also train about sensory processing issues in mainstream school children. I live in the beautiful Irish countryside with my 3 children Carla, Leo and Eveanne and our ‘Braincalming dog’, Luna!