Niamh Fogarty

Each child has their own unique ways & behaviours. In my pre schools, we take great care to adapt the environment to each child.

Behind every child’s behaviour is a FEELING.When we meet that feeling & that need,rather than focus on their behaviour which can sometimes be a negative,(noisy, disruptive, disengaged) we can then deal with the ISSUE behind the behaviour.

I believe that the environment the children are brought into should be orderly & with good structure,that the staff be ‘on the same page’ & meet the needs of the child. We run our schools with a very calm environment with good structure & the Montessori ethos.

We have a sensory room, ‘Quiet Areas’ and outdoor classrooms.

We have many children in our schools with lots of additional needs and lots of children with- as Brenda puts it- with SGO-Something Going On. Brenda came to train all of the staff many years ago & helped us to understand & identify the various sensory challenges that we were seeing on a daily basis.
Our focus is to bring out the absolute best in each child.’’