School Staff

Teacher in a ClassroomThe team and affiliates at the Braincalm™ Institute have been working with schools for many years to help empower all school staff with no jargon, down to earth training and knowledge.

1. The Braincalm™ Physical Intensive Programme:
Pupils are taken out of class for 15 minutes a day & brought through specific exercises that calm & organise the brain. This training is most beneficial to SNAs/Classroom Assistants, Learning Support/Resource Teachers & Special Education Teachers. It is completed during a one day live training webinar.

Learn more about Braincalm™ Physical Intensive Programme Training.

2. Our Braincalm™ School Training Bundle (*does not include the Braincalm™ Intensive Programme training) helps:

  • Special Needs Assistants / Classroom Assistants
  • Special Education Teachers
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Principals, School Administrators & School Caretakers

understand the 30% or more of pupils in mainstream classes in schools today who are presenting with SGO or “Something Going On”. Some have a diagnosis of a condition but many do not. It will also help them to understand the pupils who are in special education classes.

Learn more about the Braincalm™ School Training Bundle.

Dysregulated Pupils (Disruptive)

We are here to virtually “hold your hand”. Brenda Cassidy, founder of the Braincalm™ Institute and creator of the widely used & hugely successful Braincalm™ Intensive Program & other Braincalm™ Solutions has created down to earth training courses which will help you provide simple practical and inexpensive solutions to regulate & boost learning in your out of sync pupils. They become …

  • Calm
  • Focused
  • Able to self regulate their own behaviours

Any school that follows Braincalm™ ethos and methods can change the lives of hundreds of children and change how the school operates for the better.