Braincalm™Behaviour regulation, without medication*

We put you in the driving seat to help your child or pupil with ‘something going on’ S.G.O.

Using our proven toolbox of practical & simple Braincalm™ solutions, school staff & parents become empowered, enabling the children in their care to self-regulate their behaviours.

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The Braincalm™ Institute The Braincalm™ Institute

Braincalm™ Physical

Braincalm Physical is a 15 minute a day physical exercise programme carried out (mostly) in schools by trained staff. Pupils become stronger, calmer, organised & happier.

We have recently launched Braincalm™ Physical – Personalised (at home). Continue to provide the benefits of the Braincalm™ Physical Intensive Programme at home, with personalised adaptions specifically for your child. Ideal for weekends, school vacations or while waiting on state services.

Braincalm™ Physical

Braincalm™ Sounds

Braincalm Sounds is a one month intensive personalised complex ‘sounds’ therapy that targets specific areas of the brain that are ‘out of synch’ & need to be strengthened. This cutting edge therapy works, quite simply, via headphones – even while asleep. Boosts speech & language, settles ‘on the move’ behaviours, calms the anxious child/teen/adult. Mostly used at home.
Braincalm Sounds (Using the SAS Method)

Braincalm™ Sounds
Child drawing calmly in a classroom, Braincalm

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Empowering School Staff With Practical Knowledge & Tools

Braincalm™ Courses for Primary school staff will empower (both special class & mainstream staff) with KNOWLEDGE plus simple PRACTICAL TOOLS to help children & teens with

  • Poor attention/concentration
  • Chronic fidgeting/moving
  • Inability to regulate behaviours/
  • Emotions (self regulation)
  • General anxiety

Learn more about the Braincalm™ Primary School Training Bundle.

Braincalm Sensory Breaks for SNAs

This course has been specifically designed for Special Needs Assistants to enable and empower these valuable staff members to become more knowledgeable, confident and skilled in their role.
This course provides SNA’s with useful tools and techniques that ensure they maximise the support they can give in the classroom. This certified course is 2.5 hours and should be attended by SNA’s.

Register for Braincalm™ Sensory Breaks for SNAs.

Braincalm™ Primary School Training Bundle - End of School Year Offer

You can help your pupil or child benefit from Braincalm™

Kayrena Bolger - Resource Teacher

I have been taking 20 pupils through the 15 minute Braincalm™ Intensive Programme every day.

It is incredibly helpful for pupils struggling with concentration, constant fidgeting, over-sensitive behaviours, anxiety & self regulation problems. Braincalm™ Intensive is simple & very easy to follow, enjoyable & very practical! The pupils love the routine & they love their little challenges.

For me, one of the greatest strengths of Brenda’s Braincalm™ Intensive Programme is in helping to support the anxious child and I would highly recommend it to other school staff or parents who would like to try it at home.

Help for School Staff

Kayrena Bolger, Braincalm

Niamh & Charlie

We made great progress with Charlie (age 8 with DCD / Dyspraxia & sensory processing issues) doing Braincalm™ Intensive 15 minutes a day at home during lockdown. It was a fantastic help to us to have something structured & progressive to follow. Doing ‘fun therapy at home’ definitely made a difference to Charlie both physically & emotionally. Better concentration, movement skills & less meltdowns. The Braincalm™ Intensive Programme is excellent. Happy parent & happier child.

Help for parents

Margaret McDonald

I first attended Brenda’s online training for ‘Childminding Ireland’ to help our members understand children in our care with (as Brenda says) ‘something going on’.

I then completed 2 more of Brenda’s courses so I could learn how to help children become regulated.

I have been a childminder for many years & have worked in numerous childcare settings.It is great to have the ‘know how’ to approach the complicated sensory issues.

Brenda’s courses are so informative & her notes are excellent too.

Help for Organisations

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Understanding the Challenges:

School staff understand the challenges faced by children & families. They also know how anxiety may impact on the classroom.
We are encouraging schools to access our training which will provide invaluable support

*for anxious children
*children with a diagnosis
*or simply children with “something going on”.

  • Special Needs Assistant Training
  • Class Teacher Training
  • Learning Support Training

Learn more about the Braincalm™ School Training Bundle.

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*Please note: Braincalm Solutions are not a replacement for medications. If a child or adult is already on a medication for behavioural issues, please do not discontinue.The information provided on this website is advisory only. Please follow the advice of your doctor or therapist at all times.