Braincalm™ Intensive Training for SNA’s, Resource Teachers and Parents April 2022

Anxiety in our school children has recently reached epidemic proportions worldwide. Behavioural difficulties and lack of ability to ‘Self Regulate’ is a common disrupter in many classrooms (both elementary schools & high schools).

Join myself, Brenda Cassidy, OT, Creator of the Braincalm™ Programme & Mother of children with dyspraxia, dyslexia & sensory challenges for a day of CHANGE.

“Brenda will put you in the driving seat & in just one day empower you with the best & most practical, no-jargon training of your career”
Bernie Beddows, Principal, Pres. Jnr. School, Westmeath.

Braincalm™ Foundations:  (9.30am to 11.15am) Brenda Cassidy (creator of Braincalm™) will teach you why many children are in such crisis.

You will learn:

  • the 8 normal sensory systems
  • common sensory issues in schools & what they ‘look like’
  • Brenda’s unique colour coding system to quickly identify behaviours
  • receive the ‘SENSORY PROFILING TOOL’ to learn how to ‘figure out’ which issues a certain child has.

Once you have a great understanding of the ‘why’ … we move on to the big solution.

11.15am-3.30pm Braincalm™ Intensive.

Braincalm™ Intensive is a Programme of Occupational Therapy + Mental Exercises which go 3 layers deep into the brain to create ‘long term brain change’.

Boost self-esteem, mood, learning, concentration, reduce fidgeting, behaviour challenges & anxiety.

During this fun & interactive webinar course you will learn …

a) the ‘background’ to Braincalm™
b) the quick start guide to getting your own Braincalm™ Intensive School Programme up & running (right away!)
c) the ‘golden rules’ for getting the best out of your Braincalm™ sessions
d) you get to watch videos so you can see Braincalm™ in action
e) printables of the manual so that you can follow the 24 week programme step by step.
f) email support as needed
g) 1 month access to the training videos

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