What Is Braincalm

  • A set of daily specific physical exercises that calm & organise the brain (The Braincalm Intensive Programme)
  • Ways to help the child in school & accommodations to make the day easier for the child
  • Changes at home so the child is calm & can self regulate outside of school

Braincalm™ is a simple, easy to follow but new system that helps children with Something Going On (S.G.O.) become calm, in control of their emotions and behaviours and more focused.

Helping these children is a 24 hour a day process.

What happens at home affects school and what happens in school affects home.

The Braincalm™ team have developed customised training for

School Staff
Childminders & Others

In other words, everyone who cares for the child through the day.

We guide you through using the simple step by step Braincalm™ system.

Step 1 – The Braincalm™ Intensive Program

This gives quick relief to the ‘fizzy brain’ & teaches the child what it feels like to be regulated. The Braincalm™ Intensive Programme is

  • Specific physical exercises
  • Completed in a specific order
  • Each exercise is completed for a specific length of time
  • The Braincalm™ Intensive program is completed 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week

Those who may be trained to complete it with children are:

a. Classroom Assistant
b. Resource Teacher
c. Parent/Guardian at home

*** Results have shown that a child responds best when the Braincalm™ Intensive Program is
completed in school with school staff in groups of 3, 2 or one to one.

Step 2 – Braincalm™ School Bundle

This Bundle provides a discounted training offer for SNAs/SETs which will also cover a number of Teachers/Other Staff Free of Charge. We have specific training for the following roles:

  • Classroom Teacher
  • Learning Support Teacher
  • SNA / Classroom Assistant

Classroom Teacher

The child’s teacher

  • understands why the child is dysregulated
  • Learns ways to help the child settle, focus and therefore learn better in class

Learning Support Teacher

For the child who participates in learning support sessions this training helps the learning support teacher

  • understand the child’s difficulties with sensory issues & how they affect concentration & more
  • Learn new ways to boost the child’s learning during the learning support session using Braincalm™ techniques.

SNA/Classroom Assistant

The child’s SNA/Classroom Assistant will

  • learn targeted 5 minute sensory breaks to help the child become calm and focus using elements of the Braincalm™ Programme

The SNA/Classroom Assistant will become more knowledgeable, confident, and skilled in their role